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Viking Warrior was a Woman found with Woven Wire

A warriors grave was found at Birka in the late 1800’s and classified as a man due to the weapons and horses found in the grave.  Examination of the skeleton and DNA analysis has shown that this warrior was a woman.  This woman was also buried with woven wire! The image on shows what…

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Elizabethan Embroidered Jacket

While looking through Patterns of Fashion 3 by Janet Arnold, I saw that there were three Elizabethan Embroidered Jackets. I thought they were beautiful and looked like a wonderful challenge for me to digitize for my embroidery machine. I have been working on the digitizing for this project for about 2 months now, and I…

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Spinzilla 2015

Last week was Spinzilla 2015. From Spinzilla is a global event where teams and individuals compete in a friendly challenge to see who can spin the most yarn in a week.  Spinner registration fees are donated to the Needle Arts Mentoring Program. I spun 2680 yards of yarn during the week (about a mile…

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