Lightsaber Birthday Cake

My son and I decided to make a birthday cake for my friend.  She likes Star Wars, so we were thinking Darth Vader, but then we thought about how hard it is to make icing that is actually black, then we thought about what everyone’s tongues would look like.  So we decided to make a Lightsaber.  Then there was the question of exactly which table in my house could hold a full size light saber cake.  Answer:  NONE!  Ok then, two smaller lightsabers it was!

We baked a rectangular cake.  While waiting for it to cool, we made the icing and divided it up into bowls and colored them red, blue and grey.  Once cool, we cut the cake lengthwise into 4 long thin strips.  We searched around for the biggest mobile flat surface we could find ( my new rolling kitchen stand! ) and covered it with parchment paper.  We laid 2 of the long pieces end to end for each lightsaber and put wax paper around the edges of the cakes so that we could remove it later so that it would look neater and not have icing all over the parchment paper.   We stuck the pieces together at the ends with a bit of icing for glue.  The length of the blades was determined by the amount of the red/blue icing we had, but fortunately it worked out just right!

<img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-70" alt="Ancient Wire light saber cake" src="×160.jpg" width="300" height="160" srcset="×160.jpg 300w, http://www vente en ligne de×80.jpg 150w, 569w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />

Once the birthday girl arrived, candles were added.  These are Colorflame candles, so the flame matched the color of the candle, and the lightsaber!

Ancient Wire lightsaber cake

One of the problems we ran into was that icing doesn’t like to stick to the cut edges of the cake.  A solution could be to turn each of the long pieces on its side, so that the cut edge is on top with gravity to help hold it in place, and the other cut edge on the bottom where you don’t have to worry about it.  Another solution would be to use bags of icing with cake decorating tips.

Despite the chocolate crumbs that ended up on the outside, it went over really well, and was yummy.
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