Mermaid Tail Coat

How do you keep warm around the campfire and look stylish at the same time?  With a Mermaid Tail Coat of course! Embroidery Library had a project for turning a beach towel into a mermaid tail.  It even came with a pattern for the fin. I decided that a polar fleece coat type garment would…

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Oriana’s Pelican Chain

Recently my friend Oriana received her Pelican.  I was honored to make her chain.  I used the technique described in my book, Ancient Wire – An illustrated guide to making jewelry in the manner of the Vikings and other ancient cultures which can be called Wire Weaving, Viking Knit, or Viking Chain Knitting. The chain…

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Lightsaber Birthday Cake

My son and I decided to make a birthday cake for my friend.  She likes Star Wars, so we were thinking Darth Vader, but then we thought about how hard it is to make icing that is actually black, then we thought about what everyone’s tongues would look like.  So we decided to make a…

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