Oriana’s Pelican Cloak

My friend Oriana received her Pelican, which is an award for service.  I happily surprised her with this cloak.  I created the embroidered Pelicans and Mermaids in Embird and they were sewn on my Singer XL6000. Pelican Closeup Mermaid Closeup

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I made the paper!

While I was teaching Viking Wire Weaving at Pennsic (www.PennsicWar.org) a reporter came by to chat with me and my students and wrote a nice article for the paper. http://www.ancientwire.com/SayWireToMe.htm

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How I store my jewelery making tools

I have gone through several ways to keep my tools available and organized.  My favorite way so far is in this wooden container.  I think its original purpose was to hold silverware and napkins.  My pliers and wire cutters hang over the edge in easy reach and my longer tools that are used less often…

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