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Enameling at The Known World Metal & Glass Symposium

Enameling at The Known World Metal & Glass Symposium Enameling, as I learned it in two classes at The Known Wold Metal & Glass Symposium, is placing powdered glass on copper and heating it until it melts.  Both classes that I attended were on Cloisonne Enameling, which involves bending wires to the shape that you…

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My new teaching display for wire weaving / Viking Knit

This is the giant teaching demo model that I made for my upcoming Wire Weaving / Viking Knit classes.  It is posing along side a 2 liter bottle. I currently have classes scheduled at The Pennsic War and Ross Community Center. www.AncientWire.com/classes.htm <a href="http://www.ancientwireblog.com/wp-content/uploads/Ancient-Wire-Giant-Demo-s pharmacie viagra pfizer.jpg”> This is the giant demo model that I…

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I made the paper!

While I was teaching Viking Wire Weaving at Pennsic (www.PennsicWar.org) a reporter came by to chat with me and my students and wrote a nice article for the paper. http://www.ancientwire.com/SayWireToMe.htm

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