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Mermaid Tail Coat

How do you keep warm around the campfire and look stylish at the same time?  With a Mermaid Tail Coat of course! Embroidery Library had a project for turning a beach towel into a mermaid tail.  It even came with a pattern for the fin. I decided that a polar fleece coat type garment would…

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Oriana’s Pelican Cloak

My friend Oriana received her Pelican, which is an award for service.  I happily surprised her with this cloak.  I created the embroidered Pelicans and Mermaids in Embird and they were sewn on my Singer XL6000. Pelican Closeup Mermaid Closeup

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Creating Doll Clothes and Doll Clothes Patterns

Today we made doll clothes.  By we, I mean me and a very sweet 5 year old young lady.  To keep her happy, we try to accomplish a whole project in one day, because waiting is just a terrible thing :)  Therefore, what you will find here today is not my best work, but it…

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