Viking Warrior was a Woman found with Woven Wire

A warriors grave was found at Birka in the late 1800’s and classified as a man due to the weapons and horses found in the grave.  Examination of the skeleton and DNA analysis has shown that this warrior was a woman.  This woman was also buried with woven wire!
The image on shows what seems to be a cone shape.  It was created with 7 starting loops forming columns that are inconsistently placed.  There are 8 rows of wire forming the loops.  Beginning with the second row, it is double weave.  These loops are formed right over left.  I am right handed and form my loops left over right.  Perhaps the maker was left handed?  According to Birka III, a granulated silver cone and some ovals of wire were also found.
The wire weaving in the grave
The items in the Birka Grave Bj 581
A female Viking warrior confirmed by genomics
An officer and a gentlewoman from the Viking army in Birka
Viking warrior found in Sweden was a woman, researchers confirm
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